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Energiser Industrial Batteries


Energiser industrial alkaline batteries. Guaranteed against leakage. Available in AA, AAA, C & D.

  • AA/AAA in packs of 10
  • C/D in packs of 12
  • Higher capacity than nickel cadmium types
  • Suitable for digital cameras; PDAs; CD/MD/MP3 players; toys and games
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No memory effect
  • No special disposal requirements
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A range of Energiser Industrial Batteries that have been designed to meet the most stringent needs of today’s high drain devices, and available in the most popular standard sizes. The Energizer Industrial Alkaline Battery offers an economical, high rate source of portable power.

These heavy-duty batteries will retain 85% of their original life up to 7 years in storage. When you want to make your battery draining devices last longer, such as a DVD player, video game, or digital camera, you should try industrial strength alkaline batteries for complete satisfaction.

Energizer alkaline batteries fit most applications and operate well in extreme temperatures.

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