Drywipe Markers
Drywipe Markers

Economy drywipe markers with round tips. These are specially formulated for multiple usage on any whiteboard surface. Available in blue, black, green and red.

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Slim Drywipe Markers
Slim Drywipe Markers

Slim drywipe markers with round tip for effortless writing on any whiteboard surface.

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Berol Drywipe Markers
Berol Drywipe Markers

Berol dry wipe markers in class packs of 48. Available with round or chisel tip.

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Budget A4 Drywipe Boards 30pk

Handwriting A4 lightweight drywipe boards are designed to help interaction between students and teachers.

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Mini Foam Erasers
Mini Foam Erasers

Mini drywipe board erasers ideal for small hands for use on show-me boards. Wipes away drywipe ink quickly and easily.

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Lightweight Washable Erasers
Lightweight Washable Erasers

Q-connect lightweight washable eraser with a soft, absorbent surface to make whiteboard cleaning easy.

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Classbox 100 Show-me Medium Tip
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Show-me® class packs
Show-me® A4 Classpacks
  • Size: A4
  • Double-sided: plain on both sides
  • Contains 100 boards, 100 drywipe pens, 100 mini foam erasers
  • Also contains Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner
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Magnetic Framed Drywipe Boards

Magnetic framed drywipe boards with rigid structure and coloured frame for extra strength. Double sided – plain one side and gridlines on the other. Available in A3 and A4 size.

  • A3 pack of 5
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