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3 Ply Face Mask
3 Ply Face Mask
  • Ear-loop type: 3-ply Non-woven cloth, low breathing
  • Resistance and high filtration efficiency.
  • Mini-fiber high electrostatic filter – filtration efficiency of
  • Dust & powder is about 95%.
  • Anti-virus, smog and pollen.
  • Inner cover is well sweat-absorbed, while outer cover is
  • Water resistant.
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Aerosol 500ml Sanitiser
  • Lasts up to 6 hours
  • Alcohol free
  • Does not stain
  • Used on most surfaces
  • Kills bacteria
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Poster Paper Rolls
Poster Paper Rolls

Poster paper 30″ (760mm) wide x 10m rolls available in a variety of colours.

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Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Disposable Vinyl Gloves

High quality clear disposable PF vinyl gloves offering improved feel and sensitivity. Latex free and powder free to reduce dust contamination and risk of allergic reactions. Available in small, medium and large.

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FFP3 Face mask
FFP3 Face Mask
  • Creates a facial seal
  • Filters both inflow and outflow of air.
  • Feature a filter or valve to help wearers breathe through the slightly thicker, tighter fabric and protect them from exposure to airborne particles.
  • FFP3 masks are often considered more reliable in protecting wearers against the airborne virus and preventing the spread to others.
  • 1000+ £2.95
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FFP2 Re-Usable Face Mask
FFP2 Re-Usable Face Mask
  • FFP2 Re-Usable Face Mask
  • Four layered filter guard
  • Bacterial filtration effeciency BFE>95%
  • Inspiratory resistance <115Pa
  • Expiratory resistance <65 Pa
  • Breathe freely
  • Executive Standard GB2626-2006
  • FFP2 grade
  • Ear face mask
  • 1000+ £98p
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A4 Muti-Purpose Labels
A4 Muti-Purpose Labels

A4 Muti-Purpose Labels available in various sizes, ideal for use with most laser, ink-jets and copier machines.

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Handisan Sanitiser Refill 5ltr
  • 5ltr refill
  • Hand Gel
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Drawing Cartridge Paper
Drawing Cartridge Paper

High quality white cartridge paper, ideal for pen, paper and pastel work. Available in 100gsm and 140gsm.

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Medikills Anti-bacterial Wipes
  • 400 sheets
  • 200mm x 250mm
  • Anti-bacterial, Viricidal and Anti-Fungal
  • Effective against Corona Virus, MRSA, E-coli and more
  • Product expiry July 2023
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safety goggles
Safety Goggles
  • Keep eyes safe in science classes
  • *product may differ from image
  • 10+ £5.95
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Protective Full Face Visor
  • Keep germs away from the face
  • Full face visor
  • Size altering strap
  • *product may differ from image
  • 100+ £3.95
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