MyCopy Professional
MyCopy Professional
  • Our best seller
  • High White
  • 100% performance guaranteed
  • Suitable for use in all mono and colour copiers
  • Suitable for laser and inkjet machines
  • Excellent for high volume usage
  • PEFC accredited
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my print
  • Individually wrapped reams of 500 Sheets
  • 70gsm
  • Great everyday paper
  • Suitable for all printers
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PPC White Box Copier Paper
PPC White Copier Paper

Fully guaranteed white copier paper for cost effective, high volume copying and printing on laser and inkjet machines. Large stocks always available, brands may vary. 70gsm.

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Envirocopy Copier A4/A3
Envirocopy Copier A4/A3

Envirocopy is a high grade multifunctional copier.  Made from 100% sustainable Eucalyptus Globulus fibre this is a quality environmentally friendly paper with a high white shade and guaranteed reliability.

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Paperone Greenbox 80gsm
Paper One Green Box 80gsm

PaperOne Greenbox is a premium quality, reliable paper for everyday use. This high opacity 80gsm copier is ideal for double sided printing and copying.

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Paper One All Purpose Copier 80gsm
Paper One All Purpose Copier 80gsm

PaperOne all-purpose is a premium quality paper for high quality presentation results. Very high white shade and exceptionally smooth. With 95% opacity, it is ideal for double sided printing.

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Golden Star A4 80gsm
Golden Star A4 80gsm
  • Exceptional whiteness for maximum contrast.
  • Guaranteed for use in laser and inkjet printers.
  • Suitable for double-siding.
  • Ideal for letterheads, reports, etc.
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White Card 160gsm
White Card 160gsm

Text & Graphics offers high white, multipurpose card. Guaranteed use in laser and inkjet printers, suitable for double-sided printing.

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Impulse Rapid Box
Impulse Rapid Box

Impulse is a high white, multipurpose paper with proven performance and reliability guaranteed. Speed up your production and save on wrapper waste with this ream free box of 2500 sheets loose paper.

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Impulse Executive Copier
Impulse Executive Copier

Impulse executive is a high grade multifunctional paper with a bright white shade for excellent presentation. High opacity is ideal for top quality documents. This copier is guaranteed to perform in all printers, copiers and fax machines.

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Discovery Copier
Discovery Copier

Discovery is a bright white, high runnability copier. Help save the environment with this eco-efficient paper in 75gsm

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Inacopia Elite Copier 90gsm
Inacopia Elite Copier 90gsm

A very high white paper for excellent, high contrast printing. This multipurpose copier offers totally reliable performance on all office equipment. 90gsm extra bulk and opacity makes it ideal for reports and double-sided documents.

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