Interactive Screens.

Designed to help classrooms connect, collaborate, and create, the digital whiteboard delivers exactly what you need to drive engagement, energise and motivate students, and make teaching more fun. .

The software is a powerful tool that enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students – all with one easy click.

Thanks to ultra fine touch technology interactive displays deliver an ultra-smooth, natural handwriting experience. With ultra fine 4K resolution, upgradeable slot-in PC options, and secure software, these interactive displays offer a customisable, secure, and future-proof whiteboarding solution for any classroom or huddle space.

A dynamic platform that offers educators easy access to their tools, assignments, courses and documents in one place, with the added bonus of having an open, agnostic, and secure digital whiteboard at their fingertips. Whether yours is a Windows, Android or Chrome environment they work seamlessly in any classroom

Cloud-based portability

Store documents and images directly onto a shared cloud drive such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box. Because they’re in the cloud, your files are just one touch away and can be accessed, retrieved, and saved wherever you go.

Interacting with students

A convenient, browser-based whiteboarding canvas that transforms any classroom into a real-time collaborative environment. Because it is browser-based, The panels enable participants to login and collaborate in real time from any location.

Multi-screen sharing

Up to four users can simultaneously annotate content (such as documents, cloud files, multimedia, etc.) on their devices in real time. That content can then be streamed and shared onto the board display.

Casting enables content streaming from mobile devices onto a the display over wireless or cable networks.

Create Amazing Content and interaction with children

Engage you class in school and remotely

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