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Steinbeis ClassicWhite Copier


The Steinbeis ClassicWhite Copier Paper is a revolution in modern paper manufacturing. Taking into account both product quality and their carbon footprint, Steinbeis managed to create what is now dubbed as ‘the office paper of the future’ and it is difficult to disagree.

In today’s world, 100% recycled, eco-responsible and sustainable paper is not just a benefit, but an expectation. Just by using recycled material, when compared with commonplace virgin-fibre paper, ClassicWhite saves 107.8L of water, 19.3 kWh of energy, and 1.6kg of Carbon Dioxide per 500 sheets manufactured. This is equivalent to savings of 83%, 72% and 53%, respectively. It is unlikely that the planet will go paperless in the near future, but by minimising damage to the environment in this way you can rest assured you are playing your part in the fight against climate change.

It is a common misconception that recycled means low quality. However, this Classic White Copier Paper prides itself on being some of the finest eco printing paper around, with a respectable grammage of 80gsm, CIE whiteness of 55, and runnability of 99.98%. This multi-function paper is also compatible with all standard print and copy applications, whether black and white or colour.

Steinbeis have pursued the goals of affordability, sustainability and responsible paper use since 1976, so you can be sure that with their products value is guaranteed.

This product is manufactured from 100% recovered paper making it 100% recycled. It is also 100% sustainable – awarded the Blue Angel and EU Eco-label, and 100% age resistant in accordance with DIN 6738.