PPC White Box Copier Paper
PPC White Copier Paper

Fully guaranteed white copier paper for cost effective, high volume copying and printing on laser and inkjet machines. Large stocks always available, brands may vary. 70gsm.

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Ecocopy Performance A4 white copier paper
Ecocopy Performance A4 white copier paper

The Ecocopy Performance Copier Paper A4 is a high performance and extremely versatile copier paper, excellent for many of uses in both inkjet and laser printers.  This high white paper features a higher number of fibres than other leading papers, guaranteeing stiffness, strength and making it an excellent performer in all fax machines, printers and photocopiers.


Keeping it Clean We all want to keep the environment clean and free from pollution so with Ecocopy we are constantly working to improve our production methods and keep emissions to a minimum.

Water All water used during the Ecocopy production process is subjected to rigorous cleaning, filtering and monitoring processes before being returned to natural waterways.

This ensures that the water is clean and healthy so that the quality of the waterways is maintained and the water life is encouraged to thrive.

Air Careful production methods combined with stringent air quality controls ensure that the air returned to the atmosphere from the Ecocopy production is clean and healthy.

This ensures that the air quality is maintained, providing more healthy surroundings for both wildlife and local people.

Sustainability All wood fibre used in the production of Ecocopy comes from certified, sustainable, farmed forestry resources ensuring that natural habitats are maintained.

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Steinbeis No1 Copier Paper
Steinbeis No1 Copier Paper

Steinbeis No. 1 can be used for all current laser and inkjet printing applications. Manufactured from 100 % recovered waste and using unique technologically advanced processes in an integrated pulp and paper mill.

  • Off-White
  • Made of 100% reclaimed paper
  • ISO 70 / CIE 55
  • 80 gsm
  • A4 & A3
  • Ageing-resistant in compliance with DIN 6738, LDK 24-85 and ISO 20494
  • 99.98% jam-free to DIN EN 12281
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Kaskad Black Copier
Kaskad Black

Kaskad’s superb selection of shades include their deep colour range, such as black.

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Kaskad Amethyst
Kaskad Amethyst

Kaskad’s superb selection of shades include their bright colours range, such as hummingbird amethyst pink.

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