Toilet & Washroom.

Washrooms in schools are one of the areas with the most traffic during the busy school day. We have been undertaking many projects for toilets and washroom during the past 12 months due to the importance of hand washing, hygiene and easy cleaned areas to keep children safe during the pandemic.
Pleasant Street Primary toilet refurbishment

Depending on the age of children there are a recommended number of toilets and washbasins for pupils.  Furthermore, there are other considerations such as hygienic changing facilities for changing children who are in nappies and changing facilities with showers for students over 11 years of age who receive physical education.

In this time hand washing is more important than ever. Tiled wall areas, antibacterial surfaces, non touch dispensers, toilet sensors and automatic taps are just some of the ways you can ensure good cleaning while minimising touching surfaces. Toilets produced for the education sector have to consider both design and functionality to provide the correct requirements for each group

Younger children need supervision so smaller doors which offer enough privacy but convenience for teachers if help is needed. Young children require washroom areas to be safe and fun, so that children learn to use the facilities from a young age and grow to respect them as they get older. High schools and colleges require strong designs as well as safe that are resistant to damage or vandalism.

Pleasant Street Primary toilet refurbishment
cubicle regulations

The cubicles in your washrooms should be the correct size for the students that are using them. If your toilets are being used by a wide range of ages, it is always best to favour the older students. Also consider the size of the toilet pan and ensure that this is not too large or too small for your users.

The right design

Make sure your washrooms are simple to keep clean. Excessive tiling details and impractical colours can lead to your school toilets being a maintenance nightmare. Extend the life of your school toilets by choosing a design and finishes that are easy to maintain.

Pride in facilities

The overall design of school washrooms can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of pupils, so every aspect should be taken seriously. Pupils take pride in amenities that look nice, lowering the potential for anti-social behaviour

In addition to the standard guidelines to washrooms, when it comes to installing cubicles and washrooms in schools, colleges and nurseries, there are some common points that Ofsted also require you to meet.

Happy Children, Happy Clean Hands

Not only do the bathrooms look great, the children now no longer need to be told to wash their hands, but look forward to it! 

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