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Phonesafe Lockers


Following recent Department of Education guidance to schools, Phonesafe has been created to house student devices during their time in the classroom.

Each unit provides separated accommodation for 24, 32 or 40 No. devices – All class sizes are catered for! Doesn’t require any floor space. Flat or Sloping Top


PhoneSafe is fitted with our unique 10mm thick CLEAR DOORS, ensuring students devices are secure and remain visible, but unusable during lesson time.

Ensuring their devices are visible is crucial to keeping anxiety at bay, and allows our children to participate in their lessons without distraction.


When the bell goes, teachers can return devices to their owners in a controlled and orderly manner – 8 Students at a time!

Each unit is made up of multiples of 8.

Each 8-compartment section is opened by a single door secured by its own individual lock (Various lock choices).

Each compartment is numbered to ensure the correct phone is returned to its rightful owner.


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1005mm/920mm High X 180mm Deep

24 Compartment – 750mm Wide

32 Compartment – 1000mm Wide 

40 Compartment – 1250mm Wide

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Unit Size

24 Compartment (W-750mm), 32 Compartment (W-1000mm), 40 Compartment (W-1250mm)