MPS Furniture designed and planned a creative new space at Jacobs. A better working environment for staff, concentrating on layout, seating and social interactivity. The collaboration area was to be the main hub of the business with soft seating, media walls and a range of inspiring furniture.

office design

Required collaborative working and storage to create an interesting working environment. Interaction with staff and offering staff to use various spaces to work. The media centre was a focal point for the main working area, allowing staff to contribute to open meetings and discussions.

The client assigned MPS the task to create a modern, bright and inspirational working space for the staff. A friendly environment that everyone could relax, but to create a working area that encouraged ideas and good well-being. 

‘wow factor’

“We have a lot of candidates that come and when they open the doors they see their faces drop, they have not seen an office designed like this before, everyone feels more relaxed with the increased space that everyone has.”

Watch the video for the full review on the completed projects

health & well-being

Modern working office need to take into consideration the health and mind of the staff that work there from day to day. The open spaces, clean lines, hand picked furniture all add to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere that all staff and visitors feel comfortable in.

Working together with the client, we achieved a first impression that is inviting, a pleasure to work in and most importantly, a working environment where you feel at home.

  • Project Type: Commercial office fit-out
  • Customer: Jacobs
  • Project Timeline: 4 weeks