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Clerkenwell Design Week

There really is no better way to start off the summer season than to take a trip down to London to see some of the amazing furniture and space design available at Clerkenwell Design Week this year.

We had the chance to do whistle stop tours of some of our top partners and suppliers and were so pleased to see an abundance of new and innovative changes being made in what’s become one of the fastest growing industries in the UK.

A special highlight goes to Vepa, who are expanding their line of environmentally responsible line of furniture with their Blue Fin chair line designed to fit the educational sector with its stackable design. Coupled with their newer range of recycled felt and newly designed carbon negative hemp-based chairs, we’re really excited to see such a focus on affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly furniture for the modern market.

We were also pleased to be some of the first to see Workstories/Summit’s brand-new Trilogy range. This beautiful modular statement piece with fully customisable finish and configurations is going to make waves this year with its fantastic new style.

Finally, we can’t sum up our day in not-so-sunny London without a special shout out to Narbutus, who while they weren’t exhibiting, were happy to give us a look around their London show room to show off some of the latest improvements on their already innovative lines.

There really are some fantastic brands exhibiting this year and we’d love to see some of these gorgeous new designs find homes in our upcoming 2024 projects. If you you’d like to hear any more about some of the new lines mentioned above now available through MPS or any other Clerkenwell Design Week exhibitors, feel free to contact a member of our friendly sales team.