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Celebrating Neurodiversity Week


How MPS can help support your Neurodiverse Students

Here at MPS, we are fully committed to supplying a range of products that cater for the varying needs of students, because we know that all children learn differently. We have been supplying dyslexia friendly ivory paper (or buff, or cream, or off white- many different names its known as for the same product!) as well as different coloured paper and the matching exercise books for children with Irlen’s Syndrome for many years now. These allow certain children to read and write easier, stopping the words from ‘jumping around’ the page.

However, did you also know that we provide many options for alternative furniture? Sometimes children with additional needs such as ADHD, struggle with the traditional classroom set up and often feel the need to be constantly moving. Children getting up out of their seats can inevitably disrupt the rest of the class, causing unproductivity all round. This is where our range of ‘active seating’ comes in.

Alternative seating can shift the focus from travelling around the classroom and satisfy the need to be active, but in a way that doesn’t disrupt the rest of the class. Of course, it isn’t a one seat fits all; one seat that may work great for one child may not necessarily work for the next and vice versa. That’s why at MPS we have a range of options available. It also doesn’t have to be a permanent swap from a child’s usual chair. Have you thought about having a dedicated active sitting area? Children thrive off having a choice, they can choose to utilise this space when they’re feeling particularly restless or unfocused. 

Flow Floor Chair 

Floor Chairs have a myriad of benefits for neurodiverse children. It is super lightweight, making it a perfect option for those children who wish to work elsewhere. They support the back and improve posture, whilst giving children the ability to rock and move safely on their chair, accommodating sensory needs. Not only this, but they are suitable for outdoors too, perfect for forest school activities or even school trips.

Teachers have reported that Floor Chairs even encourage children to engage more and be more interactive in floor time activities. Children with additional needs often have the desire to feel grounded which the floor chair provides whilst still encouraging safe and correct sitting. 

Fantastic for children with autism

I home school my daughter who has complex medical needs including autism. She struggles with sitting on the floor during our shared reading time as she needs to feel grounded and well supported. The chair has given my daughter the support and sensory input she requires and is now an essential part of our home school day. I would recommend this chair to any family with children with additional needs. It is truly a fantastic product.


Active Balance Stool

Similar to the Floor Chair, the Balance Stool offers another great option for your neurodiverse students. It is also lightweight for flexible learning and their gripped bases are suitable for carpeted and hard floors. They actively encourage movement with their curved base, almost like sitting on an exercise ball, yet safer and more compact.

Moving around for neurodiverse children can help still and focus the mind, inevitably increasing concentration. An additional benefit is that the wobbling movements when sat on these stools can also help build core strength which in turn improves posture. 

These are just 2 of the options available to your school. If this peaks your interest to find out more about this exciting range, call our knowledgeable sales team today at MPS to discuss how we can best aid your students who need that extra bit of support.