Hygienic Environments

Washrooms in schools are one of the areas with the most traffic during the busy school day. We have been undertaking many projects for toilets and washroom during the past 12 months due to the importance of hand washing, hygiene and easy cleaned areas to keep children safe during the pandemic.

Privacy & Comfort

Washroom area need to be designed to provide children of all ages, especially secondary schools with privacy in mind, these areas are usually of high traffic and children need to feel safe. Well designed layout and facilities give students pride and actually reduce anti social behaviour in these areas.


Washroom Regulations

We understand the many aspects you have to consider when designing toilet areas in schools. Sizes of cubicles, disables facilities, location of washbasins, number of basins to toilets etc. Our team will plan and design the area FREE and can even produce 3D visuals so you can see how the finished areas will look.

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