white rock salt
White Rock Salt

High quality de-icing rock salt bags. White rock salt leaves less residue than standard brown salt reducing wear and damage to floors. Please enquire for bulk discounts. Brand may change depending on availability.

  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use
  • Prevent ice build up, de-ice pathways, car parks, driveways and roads
  • Suitable for use in grit spreader

Specification sheet available here.

21-41 £9.45

42+ £7.50

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brown rock salt
Brown Rock Salt

High quality de-icing brown rock salt bags. Brown rock salt is quick and easy to clear ice and snow. Brand may change depending on availability.

42+ £5.35

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Salt Spreader 50kg Hopper
Salt Spreader 50kg Hopper

This salt spreader 50kg hopper helps to prevent the build up of ice or snow. With solid tyres that provide additional grip in icy conditions and an adjustable spray pattern from 1 to 8 metres, this hand pushed product is easy to use and effective. It has a 50kg capacity for a large amount of salt.

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plastic snow shovel
Plastic Snow Shovel

Large, lightweight plastic snow shovel, ideal for clearing snow.

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Grit Storage Bins
Grit Storage Bins

Yellow, lockable grit/rock salt storage bins. Available in 3 storage capacities, 200litre holds 8 bags, 400 litre holds 16 bags and 700 litre holds 28 bags.

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