Creating Canteens.

Eating areas should be an inviting place, somewhere you can relax, interact and enjoy the space while taking time out to eat and socialise with others. School and college choices of students are made on the standard of facilities and how they feel in these surroundings, so it’s imperative that you create a first impression and welcoming environment.

Many educational establishments now want a café style experience and not the traditional school dining setups. Colleges and high schools especially are requesting modern, fresh, specious areas for student to unwind. Comfortable in an environment that encourages socialising, communication and well-being.

Solutions depend on the amount of students and space you require and we can adapt any plan to suit. Whether its traditional tables, benching, booths or wall mounted foldable tables, MPS advise on the products that will provide the best facilities and provide you with the ideal solution.

The school canteen can be a good space which contributes to the development of children and reflects a positive school environment. 

Consider the age group you are catering for. Primary schools tend to use bench seating mainly due to space and the ability to quickly fold away, as often the dining halls are used for other activities.

Older students in high schools and further education prefer individual seating, or perhaps zonal areas which offer an array of different seating options to accommodate the students privacy, in groups, or working lunches.

school canteens
consider the material

Canteen are busy areas and need constant cleaning, so picking products that are hard wearing, easy to clean and hygienic are very important.

Wipeable surfaces ideally, or if you choose fabric the best choice would be vinyl to prevent damage to the materials, due to food or spillages.

The right furnitute

School canteen furniture needs to be robust, easy to move, easy to clean, made to last and hard wearing as these are always high traffic areas.

Most halls are also used for many activities, especially in primary schools, so you need to a consider multi-functional space.

The school canteen is the heart and soul of the school environment. It’s a thriving area where students eat, socialise and learn.

Create an environment that your students are proud of

Whether your cafeteria is big or small, using flexible furniture gives you the opportunity to make the most of it.

For many educational premises space is always at a premium so you need to consider the space carefully. Folding tables or wall pocket tables can easily be moved  and stored out of the way which enables the room to be used for other things used for other things. Purchase chairs that can be easily stacked safely and securely like the en one canteen chair.

Higher education there is less need to move school canteen furniture to use the room for other activities. Due to this you can consider more options and possible a higher standard of furniture to reflect the age group using it.  Consider sectioning the room off into different types of seating such as benching, booths, soft seating – it can be a place for eating and studying.

Always consider the age group and the usage of the room when considering your furniture, colour, lighting and environment choices.

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