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Aluminium Laptop Stand


  • Length: 23,9 cm
  • Width: 21 cm
  • Height: 6,7 cm
  • Ideal for use in (home) offices, on counters, DJ booths or reception areas.
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The Neomounts by Newstar NSLS025 notebook desk stand is a great choice if you want maximum viewing comfort for your laptop.

This high quality product is made of brushed aluminum and is compatible with Macbook-series and most 10-17″ laptops.

Easily elevate the laptop for a comfortable typing angle. By using an ergonomic stand like the Neomounts by Newstar NSLS025 neck- and back complaints can be avoided. The hollow design avoids over-heating problems for maximum notebook speed.

The non-slip silicone feet and laptop rest increases the stability and prevents scratching. On the back of the product there’s a cable hole to neatly organize your cables.