Creating Classrooms

In recent years we have seen a shift in classroom design. As class numbers increase, it’s more important than ever to maximise the functionality of our rooms and to monopolise on the space available. Think of your lesson plan and how best to interact with the students. Does the lesson require a table? If not, how about assembling the chairs in front of the whiteboard to promote focus? For collaborative work, the tables can be reconfigured into groups. 

Agile Layouts

Flexible learning is becoming increasingly popular in UK schools. Choosing furniture solutions that can both incorporate agile layouts but also a more traditional style if needed.


Feel At Home

A classroom is more than just a place to learn. It’s a place of comfort and safety, inspiration and hope, laugher and ambition. You want to create a space that gives students that feeling of warmth and security when in school, this not only creates a better school life but also a better health in an uncluttered, well designed classroom.